Experienced, trained and certified Interim Managers

The alumni association of the Transition Management Certificate (AE-CMT) brings together all the managers who have obtained the Transition Management Certificate, first awarded by the University Paris Dauphine, then today by the Transition Management Training Institute (IFMT) and recognized by the National Federation of Transition Management (France Transition).

This training was initiated by the National Union of Transition Management in 2011.

Since 2020, AE-CMT is also funder member of INIMA network International Network of Interim Manager Associations gathering more than 2500 interim managers in 10 european countries.

Around 200 interim managers have already benefited from this training program for the greater satisfaction of their client companies.

They come from different sectors of activity, experienced in their business (general management, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, IT and purchasing) and with specific expertise differentiating them.

The AE-CMT association is today the largest association in France of interim managers, with a vision, organized and structured.

A code of conduct, common values, methods and tools